eXtreme Parallel Processing


Oracle Database Enterprise (11g R1 or later) with installation of Advance Queuing
Strong hardware (more that 1 CPU, minimum 1G memory, Cluster)
Complex processing like (e.g. billing task, contract processing, …)


Maximize using power of your hardware
Minimize time of processing
Minimize effort to rewrite existing batch application to parallel​
It can be used like First Aid

When is useful to use eXtreme Parallel Processing?

Takes time of processing your PL/SQL too long even if you have strong Hardware?
You don’t have time to rewrite PL/SQL sources to optimize them?
Is your current processing task complex and depending on CPU?
If your answer is yes, then our product eXtreme Parallel Processing for Oracle is exactly for you.

Advantage of using XPP


Using of eXtreme Parallel Processing will fully use power of your current hardware.
It can significantly save or postpone upgrade of your hardware, because you can find your current hardware sufficient.
Minimize effort to optimization current processing
The usual optimization of processing require expensive resources.
Using the XPP can saves your budget for human resources, because it requires only basic knowledge of PL/SQL.

Fist AID

The eXtreme Parallel Processing can be used in like First AID. When you’re running out of time and processing become slower and slower, then eXtreme Parallel Processing will use power of your CPU.