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eXtreme Parallel Processing for Oracle

The tool is using Advance Queue Messaging generic way.
It’s offering user friendly API for automatic creation/using/maintenance/delete of Advance queues.
Over the Advance Queue Messaging is configurable parallel processing to split the use of full power of more than one CPU.

Minimum requirements

More than one CPU
Oracle Database Enterprise (>= 11g)
Strong hardware (More than 1 CPU, memory, Cluster)
Complex processing like (e.g. billing task, contract processing, …)


Maximization of using power of your hardware.
Maximization of time of processing.
Maximization of the effort to rewrite existing batch application to parallel.
Solution based on Advance Queuing.
It can be used like First Aid.

When it is useful to use XPP?

Is your current processing task complex and depending on CPU?
Does it take too much time processing your PL/SQL eventhough you have strong HW?
Don’t have time to rewrite PL/SQL sources to optimize them?
If your answer is yes, then our product eXtreme Parallel Processing for Oracle is exactly for you.

How does it work?

The eXtreme Parallel Processing software is useful primarily in tasks where is required parallel processing is required for using maximal CPU with minimal effort to rewrite current applications.
Each of case for processing is processed separately. After successfull processing of COMMIT into database is provided, so you will never loose already processed data.
Everytime is possible to select remaining cases to process. Each case processed with error can be easily selected or reprocessed.

It can be also used like first aid in case of low performance PL/SQL code.

Differences to Transactional Parallel Processing for Oracle

Every operation is committed. It is possible to reprocess every error detected during processing, data remains always in database.

Documentation of XPP

After processing every request in XPP it is possible to define your own procedure to mark successfull processing and error(s) during processing.
To understand all features how to use XPP chcek our documentation. XPP documentation

Get started now!

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Check out our example of using Transactional Parallel Processing.

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