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Transactional Parallel Processing for Oracle

The tool runs your PL/SQL code parallel without loosing the control over transactions.
All parts processing parallel is COMMIT or ROLLBACK based on next processing of transaction in the main session.

Minimum requirements

Oracle 11g R1
More then one CPU


Maximization of using power of your hardware.
Maximization of time of processing.
Maximization of the effort to rewrite existing batch application to parallel.
It can be used like First Aid.

When it is useful to use Transactional Parallel Processing?

Does it take too much time processing your PL/SQL eventhough you have strong HW?
Don’t have time to rewrite PL/SQL sources to optimize them?
If your answer is yes, then our product Transactional Parallel Processing for Oracle is exactly for you.

How does it work?

The Transactional Parallel Processing package is useful primarily in tasks where parallel processing is required for using maximal CPU with minimal effort to rewrite current applications.
It can be also used like first aid in case of low performance of PL/SQL code.
The most interesting benefit is transactional behavior. It allows you rewrite only part where usage of parallel processing is required without rewriting rest of the code.
There’s detection of COMMIT operation in the main session.
The transactional isolation level is kept.
Based on the COMMIT in the main session is provided COMMIT operation in all relevant parallel childs sessions as well, otherwise is provided ROLLBACK operation.
When raise an error or ROLLBACK operaton is required in main or even child session then all processing of main session and all childs sessions is rolled back.

The transactional behavior minimize effort to rewrite current PL/SQL code.

Documentation of TPP

After processing every request in TPP it is possible to define your own procedure to mark successfull processing and error(s) during processing.
To understand all features how to use TPP chcek our documentation. TPP documentation

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